An update from the Redeemer Quilters:

Everything seems to have changed and continues to change as we make our way through this pandemic! One thing that hasn’t changed is our quilting group. We continue to make quilts for charity. Although CLWR is no longer accepting quilts, we have found other agencies right here in Saskatoon who are graciously accepting quilts. Some of those agencies are Sanctum, Egadz, Prairie Hope Teen Challenge, Haven Kids House, The Lighthouse and others.

This year, our sewing has been equally a gift to others and a gift to ourselves. Quilting has given us a project, a community, and a purpose in isolating times. A few of us have safely met at the church to sew, prepare fabrics and kits for “take out” quilters, and to receive finished projects that were sewn at home. We are grateful to members of our congregation who continue to donate “gently used” sheets and other fabric for our quilts.

Our one major expense is batting for the quilts. To cover that cost, we are profiling some of our quilts hoping that you might purchase one or two for friends, family or yourself. These quilts are not designed to fit your large king or queen beds. Rather, they are “napping” quilts, wheelchair quilts, baby tummy time quilts, TV watching quilts or picnic quilts. We also invite donations to assist us in our mission work. 

If you would like to view the quilts in person, Becky would be happy to display them for you.

Click here to view quilts for purchase: